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Advantages Of Education

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Advantages Of Education And Training

  1. Advantages of Education and Training
  2. Well-trained and well knowledgeable staff is an asset to the organization.
  3. The efficiency of staff increases.
  4. Employees have a sense of responsibility.
  5. Staff efficiency automatically increases the profits.

Education is very important for human life. Education is very necessary for a successful life. There are many advantages of education.

Advantages of education

1. Education creates awareness.
2. Education makes us humble and polite.
3. Education expands our vision.
4. Education opens the door of a lot of opportunities.
5. Education brings discipline in our life.
6. We become more aware of society and everything that surrounds and effect of life.
7. Education empowers any individual to get a good job.
8. The knowledge of science and technology plays important role in the development.
9. Education is the most powerful key which make others respect you.
10. Through education you can make many friends.
11. Education changes your habits.

Essay On The Advantages Of Co-Education

Co-education is the education between boys and girls at the same institution. Some people think this is right but on the other side some people think this process is not good.co-education has many advantages. First of all common school for boys and girls reduces the burden on the government. Secondly, a free exchange of ideas between boys and girls gives rise to the healthy relationship between the two sexes. When boys and girls studying together they get a chance to learn about each other better. Boys have command in electrical work but on the other side, girls have command of cooking.
Co-education should be encouraged children from kindergarten. Children grow up with the right attitude towards each other. Co-education builds confidence in the minds of the children.T hey never hesitate before talking someone of the opposite sex.

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