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Lancaster University Ghana offers African students UK degree at their doorstep

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Lancaster University Ghana offers African students UK degree at their doorstep

Rated one of the top universities at most of the 3 big positions in Britain, the University of Lancaster is just one of the main educational destinations for foreign students studying within the United Kingdom.

Since the very first pair of students were declared in 1964, the university has always strived to become on the list of best universities within the united kingdom. This culminated inside being named one of top 150 universities on the planet and also the 2018 University of the Season by the Occasions and also Sunday Times.

In 2013, the university started its very initial full-fledged campus at West Africa at Ghana. This campus permits students from around Africa to get Lancaster’s academic excellence in research and teaching in photography equipment. For African American students keen to become educated in Lancaster, the Ghana campus supplies them that chances to truly really own a UK level at one-third of their purchase cost at their doorstep.

With all the expense of getting journey files and moving onto a different continent removed
, African students who decide to study in Ghana may do this knowing that the price isn’t prohibitive. Additionally, it supplies scholarships, flexible payment plans, and commission reductions, and there’s a transport chance to the UK campus, summer exchange programs and internships.

The move can be accomplished when the base has been completed.

Moreover, students learn in a secure environment that’s near to an airport, health spas, restaurants, restaurants, and recreational centers.

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The Ghana campus started using 6 7 students in 2013 now has roughly 500. In addition, it features an executive MBA program.

Graduates from the faculty are part of their booming alumni network of over 100,000 alumni around 148 countries around the globe.

Students can also be encouraged to find employment or further studies. They’re offered job placements, one-to-one support, in addition to CV and interview skills training.

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