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As a matter of first importance, we should realize what is mean by Education and how we comprehend the Education. And also, we realize that the mean of training is to think about something. When we are discussing training, its mean the human must think about himself, a human must think about the world, a human must think about the things present in this world.

When we think about our self?

who am I?

What is my activity? What is my future?

How to enhance me?

How I get advantage from things in this world?

How I encourage the world? How I make great air?

How I utilize my capacities? How I make new things?

There are numerous inquiries and we should know the appropriate responses.

Do you trust our foundations they are giving great training?

Is it true that they are assuming a great job to enhance our capacities?

Is it true that they are demonstrating to us our objectives?

Is it true that they are helping us to achieve our objectives?

I didn’t found in our foundations they are doing this sort of work, in light of the fact that there are absent great educators, there are working just hirelings, Servants are contemplating their compensation, they didn’t take enthusiasm with the life of the understudies. They are imagining that the organization isn’t theirs and the understudies are examining in the establishments additionally not from their relations. its mean there is the pool of good educators.

Our organizations are not giving us instruction they are showing us just dialects. for instance, our mom dialects are Balochi and Brahvi. It’s mean till to 5 years age kids are in procedure to take in their mom dialect. Following 5 years when they concede in school, the organization begin to show them new dialect is called Urdu. They teach them to read and write in Urdu dialect. Presently a day in elementary school likewise began the fourth dialect is called English, and the educators they himself don’t know English dialect, how they instruct the understudies. It’s a major weight on the leaders of the kids. Following five years when youngsters pass the fifth class, they don’t ready to comprehend Urdu and English dialects, organization begins a new dialect is called Arabic. In this period numerous understudies can’t confront the dialects weight along these lines 60% kids dropped out from the establishments, now we should consider 6th class understudies they are looking to learn five dialects (Balochi, Brahvi, Urdu, English, and Arabic).

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Furthermore, now what are you considering, is youngsters are learning dialects are getting training. Individuals are feeling that if an understudy may talk in English, its mean he/she is taught. It’s our enormous misstep.

After metric 80% understudies dropped out from the organizations and 20% understudies take affirmation in different universities after school 98% understudies dropped out. Furthermore, 1% or 2% understudies may take confirmation in colleges and after that, they will take a stab at going the exam through tricking. They are believing that on the off chance that they pass the exam and got degree its imply that they are presently instructed.

To get great instruction we require great foundations and qualified instructors and the establishments must show kids in their mom dialects.

And in addition, Napoleon Said

“You give me great instructors and I give you great future”

One researcher said

“in the event that the understudies can’t take in the manner in which you are instructing, at that point show them they path as they are learning”

in the new research to get great instruction

“must instruct the kids in their own particular mother dialect”

Since youngsters comprehend in the great way their own mom dialect and his first instructor is their mom.

Dr. Napoleon Hill said

“Utilize your capacities to conceived the tyke around then when you can show them”

There is bringing up an issue.

Do our organizations are showing youngsters in their Mother Language?

I can state that No…….

Since the foundations are showing kids just dialects, in this manner kids don’t have any objectives,

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They don’t think about their future,

They don’t think about their reality.

They don’t have the foggiest idea about their self and can’t control their self.

What you think now what is the training standard in our city or in our nation.

In our everything life, we are serving to learn just dialects however we don’t learn it in a great way than how we get training. To get great instruction we should know one a claim mother dialect in a great way. furthermore, we require just a single outside dialect to speak with the world.

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